Harvest Park Owners Association, Inc.

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CMS Market Place

Are you a local business owner or know of one looking for simple advertising opportunities and ways to attract new business?

CMS Marketplace is an EASY and AFFORDABLE way to market your business. Becoming a member of the Marketplace is simple and a great way to give back to your community at the same time!

Why CMS Marketplace?

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Check it out at www.communityms.net and click on the CMS Marketplace Icon.

Visit http://communityms.net/cmsmarketplace/ or email WEBINFO@communityms.net for more details.


Harvest Park Owners Association, Inc.
Contact: Nena Whitesel, Property Manager
941 E. 86th Street
Suite 225
Indianapolis, In 46240
Phone: 317-631-2213 ext 222

Property Management

Community Management Services, Inc
941 E. 86th Street
Suite 225
Indianapolis, IN 46240
317-631-2213 ext 222 Website Email
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